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Darwin Fish and Friends

Welcome to Darwin Fish and Friends.  Surprise!  The world did not end.

Plaques, fridge magnets, lapel pins, and stickers for your car, your house and you…There follows a two-column table listing the products we currently have available

Darwin Fish

Darwin Fish bumper sticker.

Dawkins Fish

Dawkins window sticker.

Spag Monster

Flying spaghetti monster bumper sticker.

Jolly Pirate

UFO bumper sticker.


Fish'n'chips bumper sticker.

Dead Fish

Dead fish bumper sticker.

Reality Bites

Reality bites bumper sticker.


UFO bumper sticker.


T-rex bumper sticker.


Dead fish bumper sticker.

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Dead fish bumper sticker.

Fish in their natural habitat


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What is a Darwin Fish?

The Darwin Fish is a Darwinist's version of the fish (Icthus) symbol used as a bumper sticker by some Christians.

The various designs are intended to promote Darwinism, and to show the owner believes in evolution rather than creation.

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