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Darwin Fish and Friends

Email us

Click on this link to open up your email program and send us an email: info@darwinfish.co.uk

Our philosophy

We are not anti-religion or anti-Christian and wish no offence to anyone. Simply put, we are pro-evolution and are trying to spread the word.

Family firm

Our small company was founded in 2004 in rural Somerset and is a family-run business. We are the first fish-lovers to to start selling fish in the UK. We care about spreading the word and if you see a fish on your travels, please tell us. We sell Darwin Fish and Friends on eBay, where we have 100% feedback. We also sell fish from this website (click on the fish links to the left). Trade enquiries are welcome, please contact us at info@darwinfish.co.uk.

Thank you for doing business with us.

Sarah Perkins and Rob Seip

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